Realtor Tips Spring is the Best Time to

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     Did You Know That Spring is the Best Time to:



  • Clean winter debris from flower and Shrub beds and add a new layer of Mulch to keep moisture in and weeds out

  • Clean all Gutters and leaders, caulk all joints

  • Inspect Roof for any missing tiles, shingles, etc.. Arrange Early on for  Repairs to be done in the South before Hurricane Season and Roofing Contractors get hard to find with Summer Construction.

  • Arrange for Air Conditioner Service, Checking  the cooling system before the first Hot Day .

  • Schedule a Family Garage Clean-Out.

  • Clean Windows and Screens

  • Plant annuals to fill in among perennials

  • Check for Damage to exterior wood trim , warping, blistering paint and repair as needed

  • Stain or Seal Wood Deck,Railings and Driveway

  • Check the Insulation in your attic, This will help with  saving  you money on your electric bill.


Happy Spring  to All From BPO Realty