Prepare the OUTSIDE of your Home for Sale

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 There is only ONE chance  to make a First Impression, and this applies to Buyers looking at Your Home FOR SALE.

           CURB APPEAL

         A Buyer  should  fall in love with your home the moment they step out of their Car.

Buyers DO NOT  want to see unmanicured lawns or flower beds. Make Sure the Landscape, tress, shrubs  are all in Ideal shape. Plant some flowers to Add a Fresh Look, Make Sure you Water your Lawn and pull your weeds.

Driveways: Remove any Stains off your Driveway. Remove Trailers or excess Cars from the front.

Remember Always Remove Debris and Clutter. Replace or Remove  Cracked Windows or Screens and Sliding Glass Doors tracks are Clean.


Curb Appeal will  almost always Guarantee House appeal that will help to get your home sold quickly!


      Another REALTOR  tip from BPO Realty !