Have you Visited Snook Island in Lake Worth

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         Snook Islands


 Its Locationalong the Lake Worth Lagoon  shoreline and adjacent small islands on the east side of the Lake Worth  Municipal Golf Course, just north of the Lake Worth Bridge.


The Natural Area was created as part of an environmental restoration project Consisting of restored natural shoreline.

  •  along 1.2 miles of the western shoreline.
  •  11 Acres of mangroves
  • 2.2 acres of Oyster Reefs
  •  3.8 acres of cordgrass
  •  50 acres of shallow seagrass habitat.
  • parking area  north side of Lucerne
  • floating boat slips
  • water taxi
  • fishing pier
  • floating canoe/kayak launch dock
  • boardwalk
  • bike racks


Restrooms and drinking water in Bryant Park, just south of the natural area.