Bank of America Enhanced Short Sale Relocation Assistance

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Bank of America announced a new incentive last week for Florida Short Sales.  To help motivate owners to begin the short sale process, they are now offering relocation assistance at a minimum of $5,000 on up to $20,000.  An additional benefit in their program is that deficiency may be waived for the homeowner.   The assistance provided is calculated based upon the amount of unpaid principal as of August 2011.  Some of the requirements to qualify are:

  • Successful closing of the short sale by August 31, 2012
  • Must be a homeowner with property in Florida
  • Must initiate the Florida Short Sales without an offer between September 26 and November 30
  • Must be eligible for either the HAFA program or Bank of America’s proprietary program

To find out if you qualify, call a Bank of America short sale specialist at 1.877.459.2852