Value for Resale vs Home Renovations

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   Beware of Value on Home Renovations

  IF You Plan  to Sell ~ Beware of Value on Home renovations~ your efforts could diminish,rather   than  boost its selling price. 

  What you do to a home ~ in terms of renovations, furnishings, and additions~ is all well  while you sleep under its roof.


Swimming Pools can be a bonus in the minds of some Home Buyers, but for others a pool can be a negative. Even in warmer climate some people may not want to sign up for the up keep of a pool maintenace, insurance safety.

  • A Minor Kitchen Remodel  apx $20,000 could recoup 72.1 % of costs
  • A Wood Deck/ Patio Addition  could recoup 70.1 % of its price tag
  • Steel Entry Front Door replacement costing $1200 could recoup 73%
  •  Better Value on Hurricane Rated Wind-guard Windows and Doors  and Insurance Discounts

A Seller should make sure their home is well maintained  and looks maintained.

I recommend making sure the structural integrity of the house is sound. If there is dry rot on wood or some issue with a Roof or the Foundation. These flaws  need to be addressed,as they will scare off a Buyer.  

The ultimate Value here is getting a Buyer to write an offer on your place sooner than later and not have your home on the market for months.

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